About us

Exir Broadcasting AB is a global technology leader within the broadcasting industry. The company´s aim is to develop and manufacture innovative, dependable and long-lasting products.

We presently supply DAB (digital audio broadcasting) and DVB (digital video broadcasting) throughout the world.

Exir Broadcasting co-operates with major international companies who trust the performance we deliver. Exir Broadcasting works to maintain this confidence and create new productive partnerships. 

Exir Broadcasting has a staff of loyal co-workers. Extensive practical experience in the field is interlinked with top-ranking know-how within the broadcasting sectors. This means our customers receive products in which the latest technology has been intertwined with a practical sense for how the component parts need to work in tough climatic conditions such as rapid change in temperature, wind and humidity. In keeping step with state-of-the-art manufacturing, modern robots are used in some areas of production but the human hand is never far away. Quality is always our goal, and every piece of equipment or component must pass our rigid quality standards. 

Modern communication places great demands on the systems that process the information being exchanged between people and continents. It goes without saying that these systems must be built with quality products. When developing new technologies it is of paramount importance to understand how it will be integrated into our everyday lives. To understand this means being close to the people that will use it. It is from this perspective that we at Exir Broadcasting view new technologies. We aim to be close to our customers, close to the universities, close to the technicians using our products on a daily basis, and close to those using the ingenious products of our customers on a daily basis. We believe that those with a clear understanding of the ultimate aim of technology will also be the most likely to build the finest quality products available. We invite you to join us as a partner in this exciting period of technology.


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