Case Studies

 Exir Broadcasting & Telecom designs and manufacture all our own components and RF equipment for the new digital markets around the world. In addition to providing system solutions, we will aid in installation of equipment as required.

The United Kingdom and Sweden are two countries that have actively pursued development of activating Digital Terrestrial Television (DTT). We at Exir Broadcasting & Telecom have been integrally involved in the Swedish roll-out since the beginning and are one of the leading suppliers to the developing digital UK market. As one of the leading suppliers to NTL and Crown Castle in the United Kingdom since 1997, Exir Broadcasting & Telecom has participated since the crucial early planning stages of DTT development in that country. We have successfully received commissions to provide combiners and filters for a variety of unique site locations and have been given responsibility for the supervision of on-site installation in close partnership with our customers.

One of the major challenges of installing new combiners is that installation work often needs to be carried out without causing undue disruption to on-going analogue transmissions. Knowledge, speed and precision are the skills we have used to solve this often complex challenge.


Broadcast Service Denmark - Solving Denmark´s Overnight Switch to DTT

“The customized solutions have helped us to meet all of our technological, logistical and financial goals in preparing Denmark for DTT."


Broadcast Service Danmark – Digital Terrestrial Television in Denmark

“When the next multiplex is installed, a new combiner will be inserted between the bandpass filter and the combiner to the analogue transmitter. The system will be big enough to accommodate four digital multiplexes.”


Broadcast Service Danmark – Efficient, cost-effective upgrade of FM stations

“Recycling combiners is always good economy,” says Jens Christian Seeberg at Broadcast Service Danmark, “but in this case, the greatest profit was derived from carrying out the operation through very close teamwork.”


Broadcast Australia - Compact Combiners in the Australian Outback

"BA needed a new combiner solution which would allow the addition of five digital channels, with a minimum of disruption to existing channels during and after the installation. With limited floorspace, BA wanted a compact solution which avoided the need to build extensions to the existing buildings."

China National Radio

"High power FM combiner solutions for 13 Chinese cities"


"Integrating Digital Terrestrial Television in Sweden
Read about the technical aspects regarding the digitalisation of the Swedish terrestrial TV network."

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