Frequencies is the free customer magazine from Exir Broadcasting. It aims to reflect the development of the markets Exir Broadcasting is active in, as well as illustrate just how we are contributing to the technologies of the future.

The magazine provides an objective look at the latest developments in the telecom and broadcasting sector, as well as serves as a compliment to this homepage by providing more in-depth reviews of our products.

Frequencies #25 (2010)

Broadbanded filter solutions meet rollout of LTE
Migration to DAB+ - Sweden leads the way
DTT switchover in Denmark - meet the solutions and people behind the scenes
Corrosion testing - Important to product development
Frequencies #1 (2008)

New name, More Muscle - Exir Broadcasting & Telecom
Exir Telecom Introduces TMAs and new Power Splitter
Is your TETRA network really as dependable as it could be?
Manifold breaks the mould

    Frequencies #23 (2007)

Supersize filter takes on gigantic task
Article about lightening protection from Exir Broadcasting & Telecom
Pushing products to the limits with thoug enviromental testing
Telecom Installation: Products designed for all weathers

Frequencies #22 (2006)

Still looking good 10 years later!
Case Study - Digital Terrestrial Television in Denmark
What the Telecom Industry Really Needs to Know.. Intermodulation
One Man's Take On the Importance of Proper Antenna Installation

Frequencies #21 (2005)

Is Aluminium a menance Lurking on your Tower
Report from a Switchover: Island of Gotland Pulls the Plug on Analogue TV
Reduced Size of Two-way Splitters
Mobile TV via DAB Network: DMB in Korea

Frequencies #20 (2005)

Cable Preparation Tool for Multiple Cable Brands
QuickSite Takes on Challange of Adjacent Challenge
Case Study - Broadcast Service Denmark
Case Study - Telia Mobile Denmark

Frequencies #19 (2004)

Resource Center for Mast Industry
Smart Solution for Owercrowded Towers
Novel Idea Evolves Into Broad Platform
Connectors and Cables - An Inseparable Pair

Frequencies #18 (2004)

Safe Communication on Oil Platforms
Small Antenna Makes Big Impression
Reality Check - Russia
QuickSite Tested for Mobile TV Application

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