Press Release 2013-08-15

In relation to the announced file for bankruptcy of the Arkivator Group’s Swedish business units it shall be noted that:

2012-09-21 Proswede Invest AB and Herman Anderssons Plåt AB owns the business unit Exir Broadcasting that was acquired from the Arkivator Group.

Hence, Exir Broadcasting (company registration 556902-9985) are not involved or affected of the Arkivator Group bankruptcy situation

Contact information:

Niclas Rosvall

Phone: +46 720 69 89 02

E-mail: niclas.rosvall@exirbroadcasting.com

Tommy Andersson

Phone: +46 705 78 88 78

E-mail: tommy@proswede.se

Per-Inge Andersson

Phone: +46 413 320 67

E-mail: peringe.andersson@hapab.com

About Exir Broadcasting AB:

Exir Broadcasting is a company that design and manufacturing passive RF components with our main focus at filters, combiners, rigid line and accessories, patch panels and of course customized systems.

We have been bringing great ideas to the market ever since the dawn of broadcasting, formerly Teracom Components. In 2008 we became Exir Broadcasting, marking the latest advancement in our long, rich history. With greater resources and a sharper focus than ever before, we continue to build on a long tradition of developing components that are both easier to use and will outlast the competition.

Our legacy as an innovator of high performance products for the broadcasting market is well established. From one corner of the globe to another, we provide cutting edge solutions to the challenges of migrating from analogue broadcasting to digital technologies as well as FM broadcasting. Thanks to our extensive know-ledge and long-time practical experience, we are also recognized for our consulting services, providing valuable assistance to companies around the globe by making the tasks of planning and implementation less challenging. 


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