Supersize filter roll of the production

Although Exir Broadcasting has built a number of large size filters over the years, the latest to roll off the production line is truly unique. 

"This is by far the largest filter for FM we´ve ever developed", says Anders Mattsson, Product Line Manager, Broadcasting.

Designed for high power applications, the unit measures a very respectable 900x1620x600mm. Another interesting feature is that it is built with temperature compensation, which is unusual with filters of this size. The filters are being used in two versions of FM combiners for 80 kW and 150 kW respectively. “These combiners have a narrow band input of 40 kW at channel spacing of 1.2 MHz or more, and include a new bigger 3 dB-coupler in order to handle 150 kW output power,” says Mattsson.

Thanks to the extremely large and temperature stabilised cavities of the filter, combiners like these will help to meet future needs for more channels and tighter spacing. With these units it is possible to achieve channel spacing as low as 600 kHz at reduced power levels.

Download product sheets for our new high power filters.

FM Combiner 80 kW - 3 Cavities
FM Constant Impedance Combiner 150 kW


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