The Exir Group acquires Teracom Components

The Exir Group, headquartered in Värnamo, Sweden, has acquired Teracom Components from Teracom AB. Established in 1985, Exir is currently one of Teracom Components’ largest production partners with operations in Sweden, Hungary, Spain and China. 

Having worked together for over twelve years, Teracom Components and Exir know each other well. The move provides Teracom Components with a financially strong owner deeply committed to the long-term development of Teracom Components and its high-quality products for the broadcasting and telecom industries. 
Besides stable ownership, Exir brings extensive production knowledge, capacity and support, as well as experience from the international arena, enabling Teracom Components to strengthen its position on the worldwide market. Teracom Components looks forward to the new opportunities created by the change in ownership and to the benefits it will have for customers, partners and distributors. 
Out of contractual perspective Teracom Components will keep the same trademark and corporate identification number as before the acquisition. 

Hans Dahlén                                               Mikael Plahn
General Manager - Broadcasting                  General Manager - Telecom


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